Sorella is the sister brand of Monroe Street Photography. I created Sorella because I honestly love the bright style and moody style of editing. I can’t choose just one! I feel like this brand encompasses a different side of me and I am happy to be able to express that through my photography and videography. I wanted Sorella to be a wedding and elopement brand including engagement and anniversary sessions. When I started photographing weddings, I had no idea I would also get so many feels watching two people connect and be celebrated by all their friends and family. Maybe it is because I get to know you before the big day, or see you interact together during your engagement session. Whatever it is, I absolutely love every moment! Welcome to Sorella.

Q: Why aren’t there many wedding examples?

A: Sorella is brand new to 2019. Once the year starts picking up I’ll have more to show you in this editing style, for examples of my photographing style and past weddings, check out the weddings page.